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Residents of San Rafael, Novato, and Marin County connect with Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco Bariatric Surgeons

Marin County's most selective weight-loss patients have turned to San Francisco-based Laparoscopic Associates for the nation's best bariatric surgery.

Contact a Laparoscopic Associates specialist via email, or by phone, or toll free at 866-957-3627. Appointments are also available in Petaluma.

Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco specializes in performing laparoscopic surgery for morbid obesity. Using the minimally invasive laparoscopic technique, we perform bariatric procedures such as LapBand® and Gastric Bypass. As experienced leaders at the forefront of bariatric innovation, Laparoscopic Associates' surgeons commit themselves to providing the nations best care to weight-loss patients far and near.

Marin County's Best Weight-Loss Treatment is Nearby

Patients in San Rafael make the short drive down US-101 to San Francisco to get the world's best weight-loss treatment. If you prefer, let Laparoscopic Associates find you comfortable accommodations near our Bariatric Surgery Center. Either way, superior care is only minutes away!

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Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco: Experienced Bariatric Surgeons

Complete Range of Weight Loss Surgeries

  • LapBand
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Roux en Y Gastric Bypass
  • Vertical Gastrectomy

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    Read more about morbid obesity surgery, bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass surgery, or LapBand®.

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