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Post-op day 11

March 31st, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

I am still trucking along.  Tolerating my fluids, meeting protein and fluid goals.  Pain at the incision sites is almost non-existent.  I still will have an occasional esophageal spasm when I take in too much, but happens only once to twice a day. 

The only problem of late has been leg and toe cramps that started 3 nights ago and progressed to the worst 2 nights ago.  Being an RN, I have a little more insight to meds and their effects on the body and the way I am eating.  I take a diuretic so I know that I am at risk for potassium depletion and I suspected that was why I was having leg cramps.  A call to the RD, problem and suspicions discussed and a game plan formulated yesterday afternoon, and I was on my way to no leg cramps.  So, I put the plan to work..drank 8 ozs of V8, low sodium…stretched before bed…  I awoke this morning feeling rested and with no leg pain or tiredness.  I had slept through the night!  First night since surgery…I am almost back to normal.  Since the V8 worked but has 10 carbs per 8 0z glass, I think that I will have another one tonight and then repeat this pattern every 3 days or so to keep my potassium even and the carbs down.

I broke the “I will not weigh more than once a week” rule today…couldn’t stand it!!  It has been a few days since I last weighed and my ankle and foot swelling has decreased dramatically.  So, the scale read 364.1!!  I am down a total of 36.4 pounds since my consult and 10.4 pounds down from vertical gastrectomy surgery day.

While I am not proud of what got me to the 400.5 pound weight or of the number itself, I find that I am increasingly proud of the numbers as they decline.  Not that long ago, I would hide that number from everyone and was so embarrassed by it that I never put myself in a position where weight mattered.  Now, just a few shorts months later, I can openly tell anyone what I weigh and am proud of my accomplishments thus far. 

May my growth continue and my weight drop!  Have a great day everyone!



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