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Post op day 23

April 6th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Today is 23 days since surgery.  No change in the numbers on the scale yet.  I saw the Dr. yesterday and he is pleased with my status.  Healing well and progressing as I should be after the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  He says the numbers on the scale may not be moving because of the lack of my ability to exercise at this time and that my sodium intake may be making me hold fluid.  All of this makes sense, but I thought I was doing good with my sodium!  Everything I buy is the lowest sodium possible and I am not adding any additional salt to anything!!  What’s a girl to do?

The V8 juice that has been keeping my foot and leg cramps at bay is now out!!  At least my doctor has given me a potassium supplement.  That should take care of the cramps.  I can’t wait to get the pool.  I will have the money tomorrow and then the pool will be on it’s way!!  YEA!!  I am anxious to get moving and get these pounds off.

Got the go ahead to move up my diet to soft foods…now can have things like cottage cheese, yogurt and scrambled eggs.  So, being the good weight loss surgery patient that I am, I made my first soft meal a scrambled egg.  It was made with love by my husband who has been super supportive of my decision to get healthy.  I was only able to eat about 1/3 of the egg and that took 30 minutes to do.  I have to use a baby spoon and chew forever before I can swallow.  Have you ever chewed a bite of eggs for a 20 count?  I challenge you to do it…chew every bite of anything you eat at least 20 times before swallowing.  You will get full so fast and you will eat less.  Funny how something so simple can make such a difference.

Well, I guess that is enough rambling for now.  Have a great day!

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