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Post-op day 30

April 15th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized, Vertical gastrectomy, Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, weight loss surgery

I am sorry that I have not written in a week. I didn’t realize it had been that long. I made the 4 week mark on Monday, March 29th. Tomorrow will be 1 month out. from the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  I have been putting off writing because I have been in this stall and I was hoping the scale would move and I would have good news to share. I have to say that the scale did move a little this morning and for 3 times I have hit the 356.5 mark. So, I am claiming it…now a total of 44 pounds gone. I hope that I see a change at the scale in the next day or so that confirms that my stall is over. I can only continue to do the right things and hope for the best. It is hard to tow the line when you are met with no change on the scale. But, I started this process with a weight loss surgery goal firmly in place and I will not stop until I reach it…no matter how hard it gets.
I attended a family get together on Saturday at my sister-in-law’s Thai restaurant. This was my first test since surgery. I did very well…I surprised myself. I was able to make the right choices from what was available. I had a sampling of salmon, shrimp, tofu, chicken and steak. I am in the soft food phase so everything has to be very soft. The steak was melt in your mouth tender and so was the chicken. The salmon, shrimp and tofu are soft anyway, so I didn’t break the rules there. The only thing that I did that was a possible problem was trying all of them at the same time. I was able to make 2 meals out of what I ate because we were there over 5 hours. I had the steak and chicken when we first arrived and the rest 5 hours later. It is not wise to mix things when you are having it for the first time since surgery. Sometimes people do not tolerate everything after surgery. If I had not tolerated something, I would not have know what I did not tolerate. Lucky for me that I did tolerate it all.

As I close out this note, I leave you with a request for a positive thought for the scale to continue the decline that I saw this morning. Have a great day my friends and family.



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