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Hair loss

October 2nd, 2010 Posted in Bariatric surgery, Hair loss, surgical weight loss, weight loss surgery

Telogen effluvium (rapid hair shedding) can occur as a result of rapid surgical weight loss. Many patients suffer from increased hair loss during the first six months after surgery.  However, this never leads to baldness and normal hair growth will eventually return.


Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to increased hair shedding by weakening hair shafts that cause breakage to the hair and slow regrowth. Principal nutrients
that are involved include vitamin A, certain B vitamins, biotin, vitamin C, copper, iron, zinc, and protein–all of which are malabsorbed to some degree by gastric bypass patients. Surgery and anesthesia can also result in temporary hair loss. With time, adequate protein, and vitamin supplements, hair loss will subside.


Below is a list of supplements we recommend to slow or deter hair loss for our surgical weight loss patients:


SUPPLEMENT NAME                                          DOSAGE

Biotin                                                1-3 mg per day

Co-Enzyme Q10                                  50 mg per day

Fish Oil                                              2,000 mg per day

Primrose Oil                                       500 mg per day

Zinc                                                  80 mg per day


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