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Dr. Cirangle to speak on the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

October 8th, 2010 Posted in Bariatric surgery, Uncategorized, Vertical gastrectomy, weight loss surgery

Next Wednesday, October 13, 2010, Dr. Cirangle is providing expert testimony on behalf of SAGES (The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) regarding the assessment, “Sleeve Gastrectomy as a Stand Alone Bariatric Procedure for Obesity” at the upcoming meeting of the California Technology Assessment Forum.

The California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF) has been requested to review the scientific evidence for the use of the vertical gastrectomy (VG) also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) as a stand along surgical treatment for obesity. There are several surgical procedures commonly performed for the treatment of morbid obesity. VSG is promotes as a less invasive alternative to the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the bariatric surgery most frequently performed in the U.S. CTAF recently assessed the evidence for laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding for obesity, but has not previously reviewed this topic.

Dr. Cirangle’s published study is featured in the review, Vertical gastrectomy for morbid obesity in 216 patients: report of two year results. Surg. Endosc. Oct 2007;21 (10):1810-1816.

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