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10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Regain

November 4th, 2011 Posted in Eating healthy, Holidays, Nutrition, post weight loss surgery tips, Uncategorized, weight loss plan

Holiday weight gain

Post Weight Loss Surgery Holiday Tips


Never arrive hungry. Eat every three or four hours, and always have a protein shake or healthy snack on hand so you are famished when you arrive.


Eat the turkey or ham first. Protein first, the holidays are not exception to this rule!


Drink water or other non-caloric beverages.  Coffee and tea are also often served at most holiday parties, try adding sugar-free festive flavored syrups such as caramel or pumpkin.


Chew slowly. Eating a meal too fast inhibits the release of hormones that induce feelings of being full, the result – OVEREATING.


Tweak your favorite holiday recipes. Replace the cream, sugar, and other high caloric/high fat ingredients of some of your favorite protein and vegetable dishes. 


Bring a vegetable or fruit tray. Bring something you can eat, so you don’t risk binging on fattening fare that others might bring. 


Avoid the egg nog. High calorie beverages like egg nog are not a good choice, and won’t fill you up.  Plus alcoholic drinks can lower your inhibitions, making it harder to make good choices.


Socialize. Holidays are for family and friends, not food.


Start new traditions after weight loss surgery. Plan an activity to get you and your family/friends moving – everyone’s waistline will appreciate it.


Sit far away from the kitchen. Put distance between you and could be temptations.


The “art” of giving. Donate extra food to local homeless shelters or pack up leftovers for family and friends. 

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