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Picking Your Gym Times Wisely

May 29th, 2013 Posted in Bariatric surgery, Eating healthy, surgical weight loss, Vertical gastrectomy

Gabriella Vetere, RD

First off, we hope that during your weight loss progress you have set up some sort of exercise routine (even if it is out of a gym). Research shows that those who maintain their weight loss tend to exercise at least 200-250 minutes a week or at least 30 minutes a day. For those who have the ability to choose the times at which your do exercise-this is the post for you.

Many people think that exercise makes you more hungry, but actually the truth is the opposite. When we exercise blood flow tends to divert away from our GI tract and toward our extremities (which are primary focus during exercise to get blood flow). Hence the reason you might get a cramp when you exercise after eating especially protein or fat. So truth is your body is not hungry or senses hunger during exercise and helps suppress appetite after your workout for up to an hour.

That brings me to the point of “picking your gym times wisely”. If exercise can actually help with suppressing appetite and make you feel less hungry, I believe the best times to exercise are the times that you tend to snack or crave high carb, high fat foods.

For myself, I tend to get low energy and crave sugar during the time right after leaving work  and before dinner. I chose this time to go to gym because it prevents me from snacking when I get home during the time before dinner and I do this by also burning more calories and increasing my muscle mass. I would say that is a WIN/WIN situation wouldn’t you? Now if you tend to have the mornings open or like to eat carbohydrates in the morning, maybe that is the time you want to workout and then come home and eat a protein rich meal.

Now I know that many of you might not have the pleasure of choosing your workout times (anytime you are free?!?! I know kids ruin the day) but maybe consider this if you have the option of building your day according to what you think will benefit you in this weight loss game.

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