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Tips to Bringing Exercise Back Indoors

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by: Gabriella Vetere, LapSF RD

With our clocks about to fall back and  it starting to get dark and cold outside- you may find yourself stuck when it comes to keeping your summer workout routine that consisted of bike rides outside or night hikes. Those living close to the mountains are also starting to see snow!  That being said, you may live in an area where you need to bring you walks, hikes, or cycling back inside or need to find a new exercise that does not require being outside.

Though it may be easier, more cost effective, and fun to do your exercises outside; it should not be a reason why you hang your shoes up for the winter.

Here are my tips for bringing your exercise back in-doors.

How to get back in a gym or studio: 


Starting a new gym can be intimidating, but also can bring your exercise routine to the next level. Use these steps to help you find the best gym suitable for you and how to begin.

1. Research and test. 

Since the gym should be somewhere you go at least 3-5 days per week, you should test a few out before you make an investment. If there is a particular exercise that interests you more than others you may be more of a studio person. Exercise studios focus on a certain type of exercise whereas a gym has options for all different types of exercise. The best thing to do is “Google” gyms in your area, test try for a day or (a certain day pass they may give for interested customers), and see if it would be a place that you would like to go to often. Also, if showers, towels, and accessible water is important to you-make sure the gym has these available.

2. Test out different classes. 

If the gym you find or studio has a class schedule, highlight which classes would fit in your schedule, and try them out. If you like to ride your bike outside, try a spin class! If you typically like to go hiking, check to see if they have a trekking class. There are so many options for classes these days I am sure you will find one you like!

3. Stay consistent. 

Once you find a gym you like, classes  or exercises you want to do, and plan out when this would be; add it to your calendar. I like to sign up for my classes on my phone and then add it to my Google calendar so it reminds me the day before and 30 minutes prior that I scheduled my gym time/ class in.

4. Purchase the appropriate clothing and equipment. 

Dress to act the part! Now that you have joined a new gym, it may be time to invest into good workout clothes and gear. Not only will this get you excited to start getting healthy, but also proper fitting clothes makes you feel more comfortable doing most exercises. Choose form fitting, sweat-wicking workout clothes that fit properly and are not too tight. For those who cycle outside, you can purchase clips for your cycling shoes to transition you in-doors.

If you decide not to join a gym or studio, there is always the option to bring your routine inside at home! Here are some tips.


1. Pick a spot!

Find a place in the house with room for you to do floor exercises or setting up a home gym with a few machines.

2. Pick an exercise.

Invest in some at home workout videos or figure out what exercise you want to do at home. If you have a recumbent bike, you can bike in front a TV or to music. If you have a treadmill, download treadmill workouts online or find them on Pinterest. A TRX suspension training set would also be great to set up in your garage for a overall body workout (

3. Come up with a schedule and stick to  it. 

Schedule out  time for home workouts just like you would at the gym. Being at the comfort of your own home might make you want to just sit down and watch TV versus exercise so I suggest putting the time and days in your calendar and stick to those times. “Getting to it after you watch the recorded Housewives show” is never going to happen!

My top home workout videos: 

1. Bob Harper’s workout video series, multiple,

2. Jillian Michael’s workout video series, multiple,

3. The Dailey Method: “The Dailey Now” and “No Excuses”

4. INSANITY workout.


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