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Is This Cup The Future of Nutrition Trackers?

June 12th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Have you ever made a protein shake concoction and wondered how many calories, protein, and fiber am I actually eating? Yes, you probably could go over to your MyFitnessPal application and enter all the ingredients and determine roughly what those numbers might be. This is time consuming and then also can be somewhat inaccurate if you do not measure out all the ingredients. What if you had a cup that would determine what calories, fiber, protein for your drink for you? Here comes the smartest cup EVER. After seven years of development there is a new product called Vessyl.

Vessyl is an exciting new device that is hoping to help make changes to the way you drink and inform you of what exactly your are drinking. Obviously, most of you choose drinks that do not have calories, but this might be a helpful device when making a protein drink or protein smoothie.

Seven years in the making, Vessyl is essentially a VERY smart cup, outfitted with a sensor capable of identifying any liquid you pour inside by analyzing its chemical composition and comparing that analysis with stored information. This means that Vessyl can not only tell you what brand of green juice or protein drink you’re sipping, but also its calorie, sugar, and protein content. Want to know how much fat is in your cappuccino? This device will tell you that

Vessyl displays this information automatically on an LED screen that appears as if by magic on one side of the cup when you pour in liquid and tilt it upward. That’s the whole process — about as user-friendly as it gets. Designed in collaboration with fuseproject and Yves Behar (the creative mind behind the Jawbone) the device holds 13 ounces of liquid and comes with a spill-proof lid and a “coaster” for wireless charging.

Pre-sale right now is $99.00 but prices will go up to $199.00 once pre-sale ends.

Would you buy this device? What does this mean for the future of food tracking? Will our plates be able to determine calorie counts in the future? Stay tuned and see what happens.

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