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New Favorite Products for June 2014

June 23rd, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

More and more I am getting impressed with the innovation and quality of  the food products that are coming out lately. Particularly with the focus not just on innovation but also health. With the resurgence of the “clean eating” movement, there are new products coming out that contain whole foods that shine and are tailored to bring convenience and health to the public. Also, as we recognize that modern day grains and sugar are the root of many health issues for Americans there are products to help combat that. I have come up with a list of my new favorite products on the market.

1. GemWraps by NewGemFoods


One of our patients showed this to me and I thought it was genius. These wraps are replacements for tortillas, breads, lavash, etc. These wraps are gluten free, low carb, and all natural. These wraps are made with vegetable or purees which make them low glycemic and gluten free.

2. Chia Company Chia Pods: Coffee Bean Flavor


I am not a huge fan of promoting foods that might be considered a treat but this treat also has huge benefits to it. Chia Company came out with their own prepared chia seed pudding and one flavor that grabbed my attention is their coffee bean flavor. It is slightly sweetened with coconut sugar, but it does provide 7 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugar. Most yogurts have more sugar than that so I thought it was a great option for a snack in maintenance.

3. San Franola “High Protein” Granola: Cinnamon Almond or Ginger Snap 

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Here is another option for those in maintenance. Granola tends to be anything but a health food, but this option totally rocks. Made with oat bran, whey protein, and chicory root-this granola is high in fiber and protein. It also does not contain any refined sugar and sweetened with stevia and molasses. It does contain a net 13 grams of carbohydrate so it is only recommended for those in maintenance.

Those are just a few of my new favorite products. What are yours?

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