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In the News: Blood Sugar at the Time of Eating Affects Appetite

July 30th, 2014 Posted in Bariatric surgery, Diabetes, Duodenal switch, Eating healthy, Holidays, News, Nutrition, Research, Vertical gastrectomy

A research was performed on identical twins and their response to foods. The study was trying to show if genetics and upbringing influences patient’s response to foods and how much is consumed after seeing those foods. To perform the study, the twins were split into groups and shown images of low cal foods and high cal foods. Then they were asked what was their hunger level. It looks like the twins shared the same response after the meals as well as the amount consumed, and their hunger before and after the meals. One thing that did show to be different was the brain activation between the two based on their blood sugar level at the time. This shows that genetics and upbringing can play a role in our weight and food choices, but our appetite is highly influenced on how low our blood sugar level is at the time before eating.

Based on these findings, this may show how eating small meals frequently can prevent overeating at meals because it decreases hunger before meals. This most likely is dependent on what is being consumed at the meals before as well because this can influence the blood sugar and ghrelin production pre-meal. It  has been seen recently that eating 90 grams of protein and keeping sugar intake low decreases pre-meal ghrelin and steady blood sugar. It would be advised that those with the sleeve keep sugar intake low, and protein intake high to maintain the low amount of ghrelin after VSG surgery.

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