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Very caring person; easy to talk to, eager to provide all the information you need to make a decision. My impressions only got better over time. Dr. Cirangle is a very accomplished laparoscopic surgeon and followed up my surgery with 2 visits at the hospital and a telephone call the day after I returned home. Aftercare is completely laid out in a post-operative manual that everyone receives, tailored to the type of surgery you have had. All the risks of the surgery were spelled out specifically in a separate document and reviewed one by one. I would have to give him an A+ for surgical competence and bedside manner.

Dr. Cirangle is fantastic. My initial consultation went great. My surgery went great. I'm looking forward to working with him for the next 3 years. I highly recommend him for the lap-band procedure in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Cirangle is skilled and compassionate. His staff is extremely helpful and courteous. He strongly emphasizes two years of aftercare. His aftercare program is structured. He was very candid about risks and requires his patients to read, acknowledge, and initial each risk and outcome that could result from the surgery. Dr. Cirangle is a10 out of 10. Dr. Cirangle is not only surgically competent, his bedside manner is outstanding.

My first impression of Dr. Cirangle was excellent. He was very friendly and very up-front about everything having to do with the surgery. He went out of his way to meet with me and my family and talked with us for over 2 hours answering all our questions. His office is the best office I have ever been to. They are extremely friendly and answer any and all questions that you may have. Every time we talked or met, he always asked if I understood everything and if I had any more questions. He is always open to questions. Overall I would rate him excellent. He is wonderful.

I had an initial consult with Dr. Cirangle in January. He was very patient and kind. He brought materials describing the different procedures and let me review them all. He made me feel comfortable about my decision. I cannot say enough about Dr. Cirangle and the staff at LAPSF. They are quick to answer questions or concerns and are just an email (or phone call) away. Dr. Cirangle is funny, honest and kind - I have enjoyed each visit with him. My surgery was quick and my recovery has been uneventful. I was able to go back to work 2 weeks after surgery and felt great.

Now that surgery is over, I would give an unqualified recommendation for anyone considering Dr. Cirangle as their surgeon. He is excellent. Detail oriented. Reasonable. Good humor. Attentive. Listens to your concerns and addresses them. Made twice a day visits in the hospital. Came in to do discharge on Saturday. I hope he can maintain his challenging schedule. Wonderful physician and a good human being. Thanks!

I felt Dr. Cirangle was the first person I have ever met that understood me and offered a permanent solution. I never felt "punished" by him for letting myself get this big. His integrity was impeccable as he would not originally perform the surgery since my BMI was only 39 and we didn't know of any co-morbidities at the time. Both he and his staff were always prompt and courteous. I love the on-line support, its just right for me. I joined his support group and found wonderful people willing to help. They all tell of his excellent aftercare support. I really can't think of anything I don't like about him. I would rate him a 10 out of 10.


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