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Lap Band® Surgery Facts

Lap Band® surgery is the newest and safest option for people suffering from morbid obesity. Using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, skilled surgeons position the adjustable Lap Band®, around the upper portion of a patient's stomach. The Lap Band® is a small, inflatable belt that functions to restrict the amount of food consumed, slow the emptying of food from the stomach, and provide a constant sensation of being "full."

The Lap Band® achieves dramatic weight-loss results by reducing the size of the stomach and by limiting the amount of calories a patient can absorb. Laparoscopic Lap Band® Surgery benefits patients with a safer recovery process and healthier weight-loss results.

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Conditions for Lap Band® Surgery

Because of the extreme results achieved by weight-loss surgeries, the medical community recommends these procedures strictly for patients suffering from morbid obesity (patients whose Body Mass Index exceeds 40 or 35-39 with significant obesity related medical problems).

To determine if morbid obesity surgery is right for you, you must first identify your level of obesity using our BMI Calculator.

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