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Morbid Obesity

Morbid Obesity is a disease that affects more than 10 million Americans. People suffering from morbid obesity also develop co-morbidities, such as Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, and sleep apnea caused by the buildup of excess fatty tissue.

Individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 35 are considered Morbidly Obese. To determine your specific weight condition, calculate your BMI using our free online BMI Calculator.

Morbid Obesity Solutions

Today, there are safe surgical solutions for morbid obesity. Using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, skilled surgeons conduct a variety of specialized weight-loss surgeries. The most common and effective bariatric (weight-loss) procedures are LapBand®, Roux en Y Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, and Vertical Gastrectomy.

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