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Noted Weight Loss Surgeon Publishes the First Ever Gourmet Food Blog for Post Weight Loss Surgery Patients

The first of its kind, a gourmet food blog for post weight loss surgery patients was launched today by Dr. Paul Cirangle to debunk the misconception that eating high-quality food is over as soon as a person enters the operating room. As the number of people choosing weight loss surgery to cure their obesity rises, so does the need for personalized options and resources to maintain permanent weight loss and lifestyle changes.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012 One Thing is for Certain - Losing 190 Pounds is a Team Effort.

For patients who undergo weight loss surgery to rid themselves of a long battle with obesity and failed diets, the same question presents itself - "Do I have to give up real food forever?"

Recent public figures that have undergone weight loss surgery such as comedian Lisa Lampinelli, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates (and father and daughter) Al and Lauren Manzo, are all asked the same question - "Aren’t you going to miss eating good food?" After weight loss surgery, are you chained to a life of steamed vegetables and grilled chicken forever?

A patient of Dr. Paul T. Cirangle of Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco (LapSF) that lost 190 pounds asked himself the same question. Looking for another creative way to reach patients, between the patient, Dr. Cirangle, and his practice dietitian, "Café Frisco" was born. Launched today, "Café Frisco" is the first-ever online gourmet recipe blog specifically tailored to weight loss surgery patients. This was created to give patients another resource for eating healthy and to dispel the myth that eating high-quality, delicious food is over. Not only are the recipes weight loss surgery friendly, the photography of the food is amazing. The mere photo of the Chinese chicken salad would turn a vegetarian back to meat.

Having various resources, options for everyday living and multi-disciplined one-on-one attention is standard practice for Dr. Cirangle’s patients. Although this approach to weight loss surgery aftercare is unique, Dr. Cirangle insists that it is key in long-term success. According to Dr. Cirangle, "Post-weight loss surgery strategies are not one size fits all. Developing an individualized plan works because it is designed to fit with the patients’ lifestyle, health issues and personal goals. Coming up with a personalized plan only happens by getting to really know the patients and what makes them tick. Losing 100 pounds and completely changing your way of life is a team effort. Doing it alone just doesn’t work. I may be the head coach, but you also need your teammates. That may mean you need help navigating food labels for the first time, advice on how to handle an office environment that revolves around food, or out-of-the-box ideas to stay fit. One of our employees set up a makeover day and a photo session. I’ve seen handmade cards made by an employee being sent to patients congratulating them for achieving a goal. We know your name, that your kid is in karate, that you work a graveyard shift and what kind of dog you have."

Dr. Cirangle expects "Café Frisco" will be extremely popular with his patients. Yet he also hopes that people who are considering weight loss surgery can see firsthand that you can still lose 100-plus pounds, be healthy, and not feel like you are on a miserable diet that never ends. New recipes will be featured weekly on the blog, along with detailed nutritional analysis and the aforementioned outstanding photography.

Dr. Paul T. Cirangle is an international leader in bariatrics, as well as a pioneer of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Widely known as the "Weight Loss Surgeon of the Athletes", he is also a philanthropist and and uses his private practice, Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco, to promote awareness and support for dog rescue organizations and LGBT rights. He is a fellowship-trained surgeon and has the largest case series of vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedures in the world.

Dr. Cirangle advises that anyone interested in the vertical sleeve gastrectomy or other weight-loss surgery procedures should research the options beforehand and should only consult a fellowship-trained surgeon with proven experience and expertise in the procedure preferred. Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco is a boutique bariatric practice with offices in Northern and Central California, as well as Hawaii. For more information, go to http://www.lapsf.com or call 1-866-WLS-DOCS.

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