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Personal Comments:
I'm a self-pay this time around. I qualified through my insurance 2+ years ago but never could lose 25 lbs required for surgery. Sadly, surgery was postponed...then I was laid off, my insurance was canceled and so was the surgery. Now I am +40 lbs, but thrilled to have a surgery date!

Comments About Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco:
My Dad and StepMom saw an interview with Dr. Cirangle on a local news channel. I followed the news channel website link to Dr. Cirangle's website www.lapsf.com. My first appointment with him was extremely educational. He is excellent at explaining in great detail (which I love)what the surgery involves, and he does this so the everyday person can understand. He was compassionate and sympathetic to my struggle with weight without being patronizing. I called him two days after the consult and he returned my call the same day! Three weeks later at the support group meeting, I wanted to clarify something he told me and he remembered speaking with me on the phone and what we talked about. His goal was to perform surgery with the lowest risk possible and best weight loss success for my extremely high BMI. Amazingly, he also was concerned about minimizing my expenses (I'm self-pay)and took all this into account when recommending the appropriate procedure. His office staff is awesome and I have complete confidence in him as a Surgeon. I fully expect his bedside manner is as great as his knowledge and caring. Nothing has been negative at this point.
Pittsburg, CA

Personal Comments:
Since surgery I have made steady progress losing weight. Each day using www.fitday.com, I've tracked my intake of foods and their nutrient values. It has been a good tool for knowing the numbers concerning protein, carbs, and fats. It also will create %'s of your activities and daily caloric burning based on the information you provide. There have been some issues with foods. I've been eating solids for three weeks now. Some cause vomiting but I'm relearning what works and what doesn't in my new pouch. Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly are very important parts of the post op change. Eating at a resturant can be a fun experience! On a recent trip to Anaheim, CA, I asked to order off the senior menu. The host asked why. When I showed and explained the diagram on the card provided by my surgeon, he replied, "Sir, you can order anything you would like." Every resturant I've patronized, the staffs have been very accomodating.

Comments About Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco:
The following information is based on my personal experience with wls. When I met Dr. Cirangle at the consultation appointment, he seemed friendly and wanted to learn about my medical history, lifestyle, and interests. He took a considerable amount of time to explain the WLS options that were available laporoscopically for my consideration. He also talked about the benefits and risks associated with each one. Dr. Cirangle is a thoughtful person. After surgery, he spoke with my wife about the procedure, what took place and helped her to learn more about what to expect post-op, both in hospital and the first few weeks at home. They spoke about dietary and necessary nutritional suppliments. LapSF, the practice, has a very helpful staff. Every time I needed information they were able to assist. When Dr. Cirangle came in on my last day at the hospital, he provided a comprehensive booklet for post-op care that included nutritional and excercise information. He has been responsive via email to answer any questions and is concerned about after care. Both his surgical competence and bedside manner are great!
Mckinleyville, CA

Personal Comments:
I'm 35 years old and a single mother and I hate living like this. I'm typically a cup half full kind of person but the weight issue is definitely the other half! I use to be a comfortable 12 and now I'm a 24+ and I hate it. I've been on diets my whole life and I wish the madness would stop. There were periods where I'd be so focus on my weight that I could maintain it but everything else would fall apart. I have a 6 yr old, who needs his mother to be healthy and doesn't need to feel angry or upset if some insensitive person makes a comment about his mommy's weight. He is my champion and I love him dearly. So if not for myself this would be for him. I have been considering this surgery for sometime but haven't really moved on it because I thought I'd try the trusted and true "Diets" again. I'm frustrated because I follow my "Points" Program to the "T" and exercise by Aqua Aerobics at least twice weekly and swimming laps and I'm getting nowhere but gaining weight.

Comments About Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco:
Dr. Cirangle is wonderful! He's very kind, caring and knowledgable about bariatric surgery. He made sure that I was comfortable about my choice with a RNY. I couldn't have chosen a better surgeon! I'm very grateful to have had him as my doctor. His office staff were professional, timely, courteous and caring! I was approved within 4wks of my initial visit. I was quite impressed. I would recommend Dr. Cirangle and his associates to everyone who wanted bariatric surgery because they really care about their patients and their well-being!
San Mateo, CA

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