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Laparoscopic Associates-Your Leader in Weight-Loss Surgery

Setting the Standard in LapBand, Roux en Y, Duodenal Switch, Vertical Gastroplasty

Laparoscopic Associates has established itself as a premier center for weight-loss surgery. Each bariatric surgeon on our team have surpassed the National average in their expertise and success rate.

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Laparoscopic Associates: Statistical Weight-Loss Surgery Results

Overall experience for all 3 surgeons combined: 1200 patients

Experience since November 2001: 630 patients (excludes revisions)

  Our Results National Average*
Length of Stay 3 days 3 days
Readmissions <1% -
Reoperations <1% -
Infections <2% 3-12%
Leaks <1% 3%
Pulmonary Embolus (blood clot) <1% >2%
Death 0% 1-2%

*National Average numbers are reported in large, published series. Our complication rates are lower than or equal to all reported series of more than 100 patients.

Our yearly experience exceeds the American Society of Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence guidelines of 125 procedures per year.

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meet the doctors