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Santa Cruz Weight-Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery experts close to your Santa Cruz home

Laparoscopic Associates, the San Francisco-based bariatric surgery center, serves Santa Cruz residents in their needs for weight loss surgery. Located only a short drive away, Santa Cruz residents can undergo a minimally invasive procedure for weight-loss and return home the same evening for a comfortable recovery.

Laparoscopic Associates: The Premier Bariatric Surgery Center of the Nation

Santa Cruz's most selective weight-loss surgery patients have turned to Laparoscopic Associates for the best in patient care, and most advanced in surgical weight-loss procedures.

Laparoscopic Associates is known for exceptional care and expertise in the field of bariatric surgery. Every surgeon is committed to providing the nation's best weight-loss treatment to fit your needs.

Contact a Laparoscopic Associates specialist via email, or toll free at 866-957-3627.

Knowing your Weight-Loss Surgery Options

Laparoscopic Associates understands that undergoing any kind of weight-loss surgery is an important decision. Our surgeons are experienced in four procedures.

Laparoscopic Associates: Not Just LapBand®!

The LapBand® is one of the most well known weight-loss surgery procedures. Our surgeons have performed more LapBand® procedures than any other in the West! It's no wonder that Santa Cruz residents take the drive to see us!

Contact us via email or phone or register for an appointment.

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meet the doctors
meet the doctors