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Patient Testimonial

Name Height


Kathy 5'8" 290 165

Date of surgery Type of surgery Surgeon
Feb. 19, 2003 Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Dr. Cirangle


In her own words

As a child I was always "chunky"...never obese, just chunky, but it always made me feel bad as I was always the "tallest" in the class also. At the age of about 13 I suddenly lost my appetite and lost over 50 lbs in one summer...kept that weight off without any dieting until my late 20's...then...I had an ectopic pregnancy and started putting on tons of weight right after that close call, kept putting on weight until I decided to go to Nutri-System to try to lose the weight...I was scared as I felt I could no longer keep my weight under control...I had done a few diets before that but only to lose a few pounds here and there...well, I lost about 35 lbs and was successful feeling much better about myself, but, what I didn't understand at the time was that when you "diet" you end up putting the weight back on, along with even more weight, which I promptly did...I felt driven to eat and was craving sweets all the time, had a hard time keeping that under control. I went to a nutritionist at Kaiser and tried to learn to eat properly, working out was never a problem as I always enjoyed walking and could walk for miles and miles...soooo....I gave it the old college try, needless to say...I could only squeeze off a few pounds and would promptly put them right back on despite all the exercise...well, this yo-yo pattern persisted for years after this and took me from one diet to another some were outrageous like the "pregnant women's urine" shots I took trying anything and feeling "desperate" and out of control...my weight spiraled out of control...essentially when I started dieting I weighed 165 lbs and I thought this was way to heavy as I was around 140lbs for years and just didn't want that extra weight and perhaps more piling on top of me....this became such a vicious cycle that I eventually topped out at 296 lbs shortly before I had found Dr.Cirangle and Jossart who I had been researching for weight loss surgery. I actually had started researching this surgery when I gained employment at Valley Medical Center in their Medical Library...out of curiosity one day I decided to access the "Ovid" program which all the Dr.'s at Valley Medical Center did research on and looked up gastric bypass surgery...promptly read everything I could get my hands on and found that a lot of Dr.'s really liked the DS type of Gastric Bypass and felt it was superior to the RNY surgery...this peaked my interest as I had a few girlfriends who had gone before me and had the RNY. Two of them did not get to their desired weight goal and started putting weight back on due to physical problems that prevented them from being able to do a lot of exercise, such as bad knees etc, then I found out that both of them did not "dump", which was one of the reason's they had chosen the RNY in the first place. Another friend had the RNY and was successful, but, I didn't like her color...in fact all of my friends that had the RNY looked pale and "pasty" to me, compared to what they had looked like prior to the RNY. In my research of the DS I had found that the Duodenum did not get "bypassed" and rendered useless and to my way I thinking I felt that I'd be able to disperse more nutrients throughout my body essentially avoiding that "pasty" look and retain a healthy looking "glow"...this was just my own feeling on the issue from what I had read and experienced with my friends. I also liked the idea of being able to eat semi-normal amounts of food and didn't want to take a chance of having some of the side affects that can sometimes happen to RNY patients after their surgeries. I had gone to "Obesity Help" and read a lot of "profiles" from other patients and found out about San Francisco Laparoscopic which made me decide right then and there that I wanted these surgeons and I wanted above all to have the Laparoscopic procedure as I did not want my tummy cut all the way open. Problem was, I was a Kaiser Patient at the time and knew that they did not offer the DS, soooooo, I just wanted whatever I could get as I was desperate, I figured I'd work with whatever "hand" I was dealt. I went through all the testing at Kaiser and my Primary Physician submitted everything for approval...I had a BMI of 43, Acid Reflux, Severe Back Problems, Blood Cholesterol of 280, Migraines, Fatigue, Feet Hurt all the time and a Family Background of Diabetes in my Mother, Father and Brother as well as Stroke and Cancer within my family, I had also been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Well, after a few weeks of waiting for an answer I finally called my PCP as I couldn't wait anymore, the suspense was killing me (not to mention the weight!!!)...anyway, I found out that I was DENIED...they said I didn't have "enough" co-morbidities!!!....sheesh...was that ever off base!!!

My husband's company was having their "open-enrollment" so we switched to United Healthcare as soon as we possibly could and not only did United Healthcare approve me in TWO DAYS....I was also able to have my "DREAM TEAM" of surgeons with Dr. Cirangle and Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco to give me the surgery I wanted in the first place, and get it done laparoscopically...to this day I say "God is Good!!!"....I believe in Miracles, and the way this surgery turned around for me was PROOF as far as I was concerned, I was blessed to have Dr. Cirangle that I had and not even one complication, well, unless you wanna count the time I "OD'd" on popcorn...maaaaan that was a hard lesson, but, I never do that stuff anymore....I still eat popcorn, but, just not in mega-doses to where it can make me sick...

I now weigh 165 lbs, I am within 15 lbs of my perfect weight, just had a Lower Body Lift and wear a size 7/8 skirt...my life has improved 100%...but I do have to say that I still have sleep apnea, but I can live with that, the point being that "I CAN LIVE!!!"...I no longer "obsess" on food and feel like a have a new life and feel like a look good to boot.

I have a new mission in life now....I am starting to school to become a "Fashion Designer", something I thought I'd never have an opportunity to become and now that I've shed those big baggy T-Shirts...the sky's the limit!!!!

Always Grateful,